Welcome the iPV A1 AIO.

Another AIO?

Well, not just another AIO, you see, while communicating with vapers around the world it seems things were just too regular, same old same old, that is when we decided to add something new to the table.

Flavor Curves.

The timely curved increase/decrease of power over time allows perceiving different flavor profiles through one puff.  

How do Flavor curves work?

Different flavor elements vaporized at different heat points, some will pop at a lower wattage, while others will get the ideal taste at a higher wattage, the flavor curve will cover several heat points on each puff giving you more dimension to your e-liquid flavor profile.

In simple words, Do you prefer more cream or more strawberries in your strawberry ice cream?

A1 utilizes 3 Flavor curves:

Anodized Aluminum

It was time to choose materials, and nothing beats metal, the feel in the hands, the texture, the elegant vibe you get from it...

We chose Aluminum, it's just so elegant. Anodizing it makes sure of durable, corrosion-resistant mod which just stays that way. You get what you pay for right? it's lightweight as well, at 90.5 grams, A1 feels compact and secure in the hands.

Quick fix Atomizer

The Atomizer had to be big, well, at least bigger. 4ml felt appropriate. and using magnets to install on the mod just felt right, we know, that part ain't new. but if it's not broken why fix it?

Waterproof Chip

The world electronics graveyard is getting out of hands, we decided to coat the hack out of the chip, making sure it is super water and oil resistant. this thing should LAST!


Unusual term for some, but just think of it as super-powers for the chip and battery. Without a Boost system, as the battery depletes the power of the device decreases, Great taste in the morning, weak in the afternoon... well no more. With the added Buck-Boost Tech to iPV A1, the flavor will rock from start to finish. efficient super-power. Up to 50 Watts.

We are not talking almost 50w, or wishful 50w, When YiHi 380 chip states up to 50 watts, be sure it's the real deal.


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